With a RNMBD lace front wig, you can throw your hair in a high pony tail, wear it down or even add a little color! We have the lowest prices and best quality lace wigs in the world! By purchasing one of our lace wigs, you can give your hair and pockets a break! The wig will last a minimum of 1 year, while your sew-in will last for about 2-3 months at the most. Our wigs can be installed with or without the use of an adhesive. Wig combs are sewn to the inside of our wig for security, along with a sturdy drawstring to adjust the tightness of the wig. Most women can install our lace wigs themselves, while some rather have a professional install it for them. RNMBD wigs are constructed on a stretchy, yet delicate wig cap that features a high quality swiss lace in the front. These wigs are very light weight and secure and provide you with a natural hair line and free style parting on the lace.

4X4 ClosureWigs

PriceFrom $130.00
  • Basic features: 100% high quality swiss lace. 

    Lace Cap Material: Full Swiss lace with stretch in crown Density (thickness of wig): 100% which gives you a very natural look. If you desire to have a thicker wig, please e-mail us.

    Hair Style: Free Style can be parted anywhere on the lace. Our wigs can be colored, cut and styled any way you desire.