Our 360 Frontal is great for clients, who are looking for a seamless, natural looking finish to their installation. Our 360 Frontal is made with 100% virgin hair on a Swiss lace. Our 360 Frontals offer versatile parting to create the effect of a natural hairline. Clients can part our free parting frontal virtually anywhere! Color options are limitless because you can lighten or darken the frontal to your desired color without fear of damaging your natural hair. The 360 Frontal helps to cover your own hair to prevent breakage and helps keep your hair healthy. The RNMBD 360 frontals are perfect for women who may suffer from hair loss or serious hair damage and still want to experience a natural hairline, and styling versatility without exposing their natural hair.

360 Frontal

PriceFrom $110.00
  • RNM Bella donna 360 frontal requires little or no maintenance at all. Our 360 frontals are ideal for women who want to completely customize their install by tweezing and or bleaching the knots on their frontal! Blending is the most important reason to own a RNMBD 360 frontal because blending is seamless and effortless. The scalp color and density looks very natural and gives you the opportunity to have a flawless install with any texture or origin of hair without wondering if your natural hair will blend! *Bleaching and tweezing of the closure is personal preference, it is not necessary*